Monday, May 25, 2015

FSU Ringling Center for the Cultural Arts

The FSU Ringling Center for the Cultural Arts is a gorgeous facility. The main attraction, for us at least, was to go into the Ringling Circus museum, which features an amazing model circus. Words can't even describe the amount of detail that went into this. In addition, you'll get to learn about the history of circuses and what it's like to do a tightrope walk and put on clown makeup.

We only had about 90 minutes here, so we couldn't explore everything. However, the grounds were gorgeous and you could easily spend all day here. One other highlight was the Ca' d'Zan, which is a Venetian style home. You can take tours of the inside (we weren't able to due to our own time limitations), but just seeing the outside is pretty breathtaking.

We highly recommend spending some time here when in the Sarasota area.

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